Thursday September 3, 2020 – Kenya’s most wanted terrorist who took part in an attack that killed 147 Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) officers in El-Adde, Somalia, surrendered to police officers in Mandera County yesterday.

Khalif Abdinoor Mohamed was part of an Al-Shabaab group comprising of 300 militants who raided an AMISOM army base in Somali, in one of the deadliest attacks against peace keeping forces in Somalia on January 15th, 2020 at night. 

Law enforcers in Mandera stated that Khalif surrendered an AK47 rifle and three magazines with 92 rounds of ammunition.

The suspect reportedly reached out to Burahale Station OCS who organised for his safe travel to Mandera County. 

Khalif allegedly escaped from an Al Shabaab camp on Sunday, August 30th before linking with the OCS. 

Police are, however, keeping an eye on him and are investigating his motive for surrendering before transporting him to Nairobi County for further grilling. 

Officers added that the suspect was born in Bura, a village located at the Kenya-Somali border.

He is suspected to have participated in countless attacks against police and KDF.

The El-Adde battle saw Kenya heighten its war against terrorism.

KDF retaliated through several attacks in Somalia and captured a number of enemy bases.


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