Friday September 4, 2020 – The Ministry of Public Service has released a survey outlining the profile of Kenya’s top level civil service by ethnic group.

The document, which was tabled before the Senate Committee on National Cohesion, Equal Opportunity and Regional Integration, shows that positions in Government are dominated by six tribes, leaving the rest of Kenyan tribes to fight for smaller chunks of jobs.

According to the document, Kikuyus hold over a quarter of top State jobs at 29%, which is 120 positions out of 416.

Kalenjins come in second at less than half the portion of the Kikuyus at 11% which is 45 positions out of the 416 management positions.

Luos are in third place with 41 positions (10%), Luhyas (8%), Kambas (6%), Meru (6%) and Kisii (5%).


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