Sunday, 27 September 2020 – Ken Mijungu was among journalists who were recently fired unceremoniously from Nation Media Group.

Despite performing his duties at NTV well, he was fired by his ruthless employer during the recent lay off exercise that saw more than 50 employees at the Aga Khan owned media station sent home.

Ken was reportedly earning a monthly salary of between Ksh 400,000 to Ksh 600,000 and losing such a huge income, especially during a pandemic, can be very challenging.

Although the top rated journalist had some side hustles while working at NTV, he posted a photo looking a bit troubled and his fans were left wondering whether he is slowly falling into depression.

Ken was visibly drunk after indulging in whisky.

He seemed to be in deep thoughts in the photo that has caused a stir.

His fans encouraged him to remain strong and hoped that soon, he will land a better job.

Majority of well-known media personalities turn into alcoholics after losing their jobs and we hope that Ken Mijungu won’t end up like Louis Otieno.

Here’s the photo that he posted and caused a stir and some reactions


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