Tuesday September 1, 2020 – Migori Governor Okoth Obado was whisked away from an interview with the press yesterday after calling out the media on what he termed as biased reporting.

The Governor was speaking to the press after the court released him on a Ksh 8.7 million cash bail or Ksh 20 million bond before he was pulled away by his security detail.

In his speech, Obado hit out at the media claiming that recent reports had tarnished his name without offering a right of reply on his graft charges over the loss of Sh73.4 million.

“In most cases, you are not balanced, you just take one side of the story and then completely destroy somebody’s reputation, when you are given a story you should find out from the other side.”

“Members of the press are destroying this society, you are not informing us well, we are heading towards a time when you can be branded anything,” he lamented.

The embattled Governor asked the media to take time when reporting to verify information because the news can have a lasting effect on someone.

Obado also claimed that some of his political detractors were using the media to tarnish his name with false reports.

“We are heading towards a bad direction whereby if I do not want you and I can manage to get members of the press then I’ll ask you to brand that guy whatever it is.”

“You know how to make good headlines, maybe today you are told ‘can you make Obado to be the headline?’,” he added.

Before Obado could answer a question on his view of the ruling, he was whisked away by a member of his security detail.

Obado, his four children and the other co-accused, all denied that between October 29, 2014, and October 18, 2016, they jointly conspired to commit an economic crime which was the unlawful acquisition of public funds totaling Ksh73.4 million.


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