Thursday, September 24, 2020-NTV investigative journalist, Dennis Okari, has gone into hiding for fear of being killed by State officers and wheel dealers who stole Covid-19 billion from the Kenya Medical Supply Agency (KEMSA).

Last month, Okari exposed how senior State officers and businessmen with links to the State House looted billions from KEMSA.

Okari’s expose dubbed COVID 19 millionaires revealed that Megascope Ltd was one of the companies appointed by KEMSA to clear medical supplies donated by Chinese billionaire, Jack Ma.

Through lawyer Njoroge Regeru, Megascope, which is owned by Richard Ngatia moved to court arguing that ‘Covid-19 millionaires’ expose being on social media continues to damage his client’s reputation and it should be pulled down.

On Tuesday, the High Court ordered Nation Media Group to pull down the much-publicized investigative piece pending the hearing of a defamation suit against the media house.

The court was also told that Okari has since gone into hiding for fear that Ngatia will use his State House connectiona to harm him.

Ngatia is a close ally of President Uhuru Kenyatta.


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  1. Dennis Okari Be blessed and always pray to the lord creator of heaven and earth and take life step by step each day,take this simple words from ordinary citizen like me humans can plan all sort of filthy like murder and witch craft they can spend all there cash to eliminate the truth they forget God almighty is the greatest planner of all planners.

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