Tuesday September 29, 2020 – Deputy President William Ruto has fired yet another salvo at ODM leader, Raila Odinga, over his generous donations and handouts ahead of 2022 polls.

This is after Raila accused Ruto of bribing voters in the name of donations and empowerment projects.

Speaking at his Karen home in Nairobi on Tuesday, Ruto said that he is not looking for votes ahead of the 2022 elections which will likely see the two pit against each other should Raila once again throw his hat into the ring.

“These hustlers are not thieves, they are not stupid, they are not lazy.”

“…sina haja na kura, niko na haja ya kuinua hustle ya waKenya kama naibu wa rais…hiyo ingine itakuja na bahati ya Mungu….( Which loosely translates to “I am not interested in looking for votes, my interest is to promote Kenyans’ hustles as the DP…the rest will come as a chance  from God),” stated Ruto.

The DP told off the former Prime Minister urging him to stop complaining about what he was doing out of goodwill.

“…wale mnasikia wanalalamika na kukasirika ati kwa sababu mtu amepewa mkokoteni, wheel barrow, wanalalamika kwa sababu hawataki waKenya watoke umasikinini (Those complaining and feeling bitter about my donations, are complaining because they do not want Kenyans to get out of poverty),” he stated.

The Deputy President said their plan as the Hustler nation is to pull everybody out of poverty.

“A journey of 1,000 km starts with the first steps, and I promise you that we will reach our destination,” he said.


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