Friday September 25, 2020 – Government Spokesman, Colonel Rtd Cyrus Oguna, has revealed how he almost died after testing positive for Coronavirus in August.

The retired military officer said when he was taken ill, he anticipated that he will be at the health facility for a maximum of 10 days but that was not the case because he stayed at the hospital for 28 days

Oguna, who had an interview with a local TV on Thursday, said that while he was admitted at the hospital, his health started deteriorating at an alarming rate to the extent that he could not brush his own teeth for two weeks.

“When I went there I was walking, very well aware that if I have to be here, it would probably be for 10 days at most,” Oguna said.

“Even standing to brush teeth takes time and to take the time you are using energy and oxygen and when you do not have oxygen, you cannot stand for even 30 seconds,” Oguna added.

Oguna has since recovered but his body is not yet fit to resume his busy schedule.


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