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Friday, September 18, 2020 – Government spokesman, Colonel Cyrus Oguna, has revealed how he battled with Coronavirus after contracting the deadly virus in August.

In a long statement on Twitter, Oguna disclosed that on the night he was hospitalised, he experienced excruciating pain in his chest that made breathing difficult.

“Breathing was extremely difficult and any effort to do so felt like a bayonet (dagger) was being driven through my chest. I was literally gasping for air,” he said on Friday.

Oguna’s struggle with breathing would continue until the following morning when medics went to his room for a routine check-up.

“With great difficulty, I could only mumble to them something like ‘I can’t breathe’. An x-ray was quickly ordered. Getting to the x-ray unit only a few metres away was a nightmare,” he continued.

Immediately, doctors prescribed heavy IV antibiotics and supplemental oxygen that would see him through his entire 28 days of hospitalization

He said doctors informed him that his lung function had been severely compromised due to acute pneumonia and that without oxygen, chances of survival would be remote.

“Even on oxygen, it was still extremely difficult to breathe and any form of movement was unbearably painful, not only in the chest but every other part of the body,” Oguna stated.

He said when he was hospitalized, he started hearing voices deep inside his head and he thought that these were sounds of hell.

“During that period, I started hearing incomprehensible voices in my head, making me wonder whether I was still alive or dead. The pain, fatigue and lethargy continued unabated,” he said.

However, he said despite being discharged from the hospital, he is yet to recover fully from Coronavirus.


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