Sunday September 27, 2020 – Garissa Town MP, Aden Duale, has said that he keeps regretting everyday why they agreed to fold their parties and form Jubilee Alliance in 2017.

Before the 2017 presidential elections, United Republic Party (URP) and The National Party (TNA) merged and formed Jubilee Alliance.

Giving his views about the fallout in the ruling coalition, Duale said he regrets their decision to fold up parties and form the Jubilee behemoth.

The former Majority Leader in the National Assembly said in an interview with a local daily that he had reservations in the proposal to dissolve URP but his then party leader, Deputy President William Ruto, and his TNA counterpart, Uhuru Kenyatta, convinced him on the need to merge the parties.

“We collapsed 14 parties to form Jubilee.”

“We wanted to kill ethnic-based parties.”

“I had misgivings about dissolving URP.”

“Uhuru and Ruto convinced me.”

“The party grew and managed to have elected leaders in 44 Counties, with 170 MPs,” Duale said.

“But today, it is a shell.”

“I regret the decision to collapse parties.”

“If the President will not salvage Jubilee, the 2002 scenarios in Kanu will play out.”

“There will be a mass exodus by leaders who will form a new outfit.”

“I urge the president to rescue it.”

“He can leave a legacy of leading the largest united, cohesive party.” Duale added.


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