Monday September 21, 2020 – ODM Party leader, Raila Odinga, finally weighed in on the recent drama surrounding the remarks made by Emurua Dikirr MP, Johana Ng’eno, touching on President Uhuru Kenyatta and his family.

Speaking on Saturday in Bomet at the home of KNUT Secretary General, Wilson Sossion, Raila warned Ng’eno, who was also present, to go slow on insults.

 “What Ng’eno forgot to tell you is that I paid for his university education, but I must have forgotten to teach him about manners,” Raila said amid laughter from the crowd.

“I talk to him a lot.”

“If you have an issue with your fellow man, there is no need to bring his mother into it.”

“I remember when we were in school, if anyone crossed that unwritten rule, it always ended in a full blown fight,” he added.

He further reiterated that his defence of Mama Ngina did not mean that he did not believe in the freedom of speech, but rather that there needed to be a level of decorum when leaders were addressing each other.

Raila maintained that it was wrong to drag the names of Uhuru’s parents for political mileage.

In his address, Raila maintained that respect and decorum was vital for any leader and urged the MP to tone down on his utterances because they will eventually lead to a ‘fight’.

Ng’eno came under fire during the event that was held at nominated MP Wilson Sossion’s home, to mark his daughter’s admission to the bar.


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