Wednesday, 23 September 2020 – Here is what a distressed man, who lost his job wrote to relationship expert, Philip Kitoto, concerning his troubled marriage.

Hi Kitoto,

I lost my job two years ago, and since then, my life became hell on earth. My wife turned against me and forced me to leave my house in Nairobi and relocate to the rural home. Right now I’m at home trying my hand in small scale business.

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, my two daughters aged 13 and seven came home. I stayed with them until June when their mother started abusing me through text messages. When the lockdown was eased, I decided to send my daughters to Nairobi to continue living with their mother.

My concern is that my wife has grown increasingly abusive. She alleges that she heard about my plan to remarry, which is untrue as I am lonely here at home. Last week, she forwarded to me her water and electricity bills to pay.

I wonder why she would do so, yet she claimed that she was in a position to take care of our daughters and herself. At that time, she claimed that I was as good as dead, something I found to be incredibly insulting. What is happening here? I’m confused! I’ll appreciate your advice.

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