Sunday September 6, 2020 – Education CS George Magoha has warned parents against agitating for the reopening of schools before Kenya is declared Covid-19 free.

Speaking while assessing the level of preparedness of Sagana Institute in Nyeri County, Magoha disclosed that he lost a relative who succumbed to Covid-19 and wouldn’t want to put the health of students at risk. 

“Have we hit 5% positivity rate? No, we haven’t.”

“The World Health Organisation stated that we have to achieve 5% for two consecutive weeks.”

“Why are you in a hurry yet the pandemic is coming down?”

“I have lost a relative who died of Covid-19.”

“What about you? We have seen even leaders who have been hospitalized for suffering this disease,” Magoha stated.

He added that no one should joke around with the criticality of the disease.

He warned parents against misinterpreting his remarks when he stated that schools will open any time soon.

Magoha clarified that studies will only resume when the curve flattens and no one can predict its end. 

“If everything goes on well, my guess is as good as yours.”

“If it ends this month then why shouldn’t we inform the President and the Cabinet to consider reopening if we have all the necessary strategies in place?” Magoha wondered.


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