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Thursday, 10 September 2020 – Fading high end prostitute, Vera Sidika, recently released photos in her birthday suit and left Netizens wondering whether she has decided to revive her once thriving career as a socialite.

Vera was criticized over the recent controversial photos that she released, because a section of Kenyans felt that age is catching up with her and so, she should leave such ratchet behaviours to younger socialites like Sherlyne Anyango.

But speaking in a recent interview, Vera said that she is no longer a socialite.

According to Vera, who spent her youthful days sleeping with old men across the globe, she is now a businesswoman and a leader.

The once famous socialite further confirmed that she has relocated from Nairobi to Mombasa, where she was born and raised.

Vera has set up a salon in Mombasa after all her business ventures in the capital city failed and she is not planning to be back in Nairobi.

‘Life has to be progressive. Some things were made for back then. I travelled the world and that gave me a lot of exposure and experience. My beauty business, for example, is largely inspired by what I learned in Dubai where the world meets for everything luxury. I am not the video vixen anymore. I am holding serious meetings with high profile businessmen and women and that is the level I am playing in. I am also making serious investments as I think of my future. The Vera Sidika of 2020 is a leader and businesswoman, not socialite,’ she said.


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