Monday September 28, 2020 – A good number of politicians allied to Deputy President William Ruto have asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to dissolve Parliament as instructed by Chief Justice David Maraga.

Maraga, in a letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta, advised him to dissolve Parliament because it has failed to enact the Two Third Gender rule.

Speaking in Bungoma County, Hamisi MP, Charles Gimose, urged Uhuru to hasten the dissolution of Parliament, stating that the hustler brigade was well prepared for elections.

“This is a law-abiding country and the law must be cut across; the president must not dilly dally, we are in full support of dissolution of Parliament. We are ready to face those opposing your presidential ambition in the ballot,” said Gimose.

Mumias East lawmaker, Benjamin Washiali, stated that leaders opposed to the dissolution of Parliament were afraid of losing their seats because they have no development record to sell to the people.

“Unlike them we seriously need that election.”

“They should not be preaching to us about the cost of an election when everywhere in this country money is lost.”

“We are telling our opponents that their attacks on the CJ are unwarranted and that they should brace themselves for a bruising battle if elections are called.’’

Washiali defended the CJ, adding that attacks on Maraga were ill-informed and done out of malice.

“He is only acting on the law, the Constitution allows him to advise the president when some aspects of the law are being abused,” he said.


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