Friday September 25, 2020 – Fresh details have emerged over how Lands Principal Secretary, Nicholas Muraguri, hid crucial contract documents related to the leasing of medical equipment to Counties in a Sh63 billion deal that the Senate declared a “criminal enterprise.”

According to a report by the Senate committee investigating how the Government leased medical equipment, Muraguri, who served as the Health Principal Secretary between 2015 and 2017, withheld the contracts and other supporting documents on grounds that they were ‘secret’.

Mr Muraguri is said to have denied even Health Cabinet Secretary, Cleophas Mailu, documents on the contracts.

The report also said that senior Ministry of Health officials were also kept away from the documents, frustrating their input to the Health and Budget Committees that had earlier investigated the secretive deals.

Mr Muraguri, a former Director of Health Services, was also linked to the controversial awarding of a tender to a local company that did not qualify.

During his tenure, the Ministry unilaterally changed the project’s funding model without giving reasons to back the decision.

It was also during Muraguri’s tenure that President Uhuru Kenyatta‘s cousin Kathleen Kihanya and his sister, Anne Nyokabi, were involved in the Sh 5.4 billion scandal at Afya House.

Nobody was arrested in the daring robbery.


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