Monday, 28 September 2020 – Famous cop, Hessy Wa Dandora, has warned parents to be careful with their sons and daughters after he received a DM from a concerned Kenyan, who is asking for advice after his teenage sister was impregnated by their cousin.

The 17 year old lady slept with her 26 year old cousin and the incest sex resulted to pregnancy.

The concerned Kenyan wrote to Hessy asking whether such a case can be taken to court, because parents of the involved parties want to throw the matter under the carpet.

Hessy put it clear that this is a criminal case because the lady is under-age.

‘I know I will sound authoritative but I must remind you that something is happening behind you but since you trust soo much the cousin relationship, your daughter’s life is destroyed just like that. Be cautious’ Hessy wrote and shared a screenshot of the DM.


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