Friday, 11 September 2020 – Haentel Wanjru is a high end flesh peddler who warms the bed of flashy Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi.

Kingi spoils Wanjiru with expensive gifts and vacations and in return, he gets sex.

As majority of Kenyans complain how corona has dented their pockets, the Governor’s side-chick is out and about enjoying vacations and serving men thirst traps.

In these latest photos that Haentel posted, she paraded her bare bam and showed men what the aging Governor enjoys.

If you don’t have more than Ksh 50 million in your bank account, just salivate on her booty and move on.


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  1. Daily post Kenya haki kusema ukweli mumekosa story za kutuambia ati Ksh 50 million surely I see kumbafu ya mwanamke malaya she is like a ship in the ocean without a captain without destination.

  2. You rather say lupita nyongo she is worth all that and not a slay queen, but not cheap mtwapa slay queen like Wanjiru give us a break bana.

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