Friday September 4, 2020 – A medical study published by Lancet has approved the Russian Coronavirus vaccine, saying preliminary tests show that the vaccine has no negative side effects

“Preliminary results from Russian trials find that #COVID19 vaccine candidates led to no serious adverse events and elicit antibody response,” a post from the journal’s social media account read.

‘Doctors involved in the trials conducted “two open, non-randomised phase 1/2 studies at two hospitals in Russia,” on 76 healthy volunteers aged 18 to 60,’ the Lancet article said.

It added that the vaccine formulations tested were “safe and well tolerated.”

The vaccine has been dubbed ‘Sputnik V’ in Russia but has faced criticism from the West amid questions over the speed of its approval and lack of data so far.

However, Kirill Dmitriev, the Chief Executive of the Russian sovereign wealth fund, RDIF, which is backing the vaccine, hailed the Lancet study as validation of his country’s efforts in an interview with CNBC.


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