Friday, 25 September 2020 – Frankie’s baby mama, Maureen Waititu, claims she is being chased out of the house that she stays with her kids in Westlands.

Even after parting ways with the celebrity gym trainer, Maureen Waititu continued living at his parents’ house in Westlands.

However, things have turned south after Frankie’s mother and brother ordered her to vacate the house.

She further said that Frankie has refused to provide for their kids.

For six weeks now, she has not received even a single penny from Frankie.

He has not been supporting his kids for about six weeks now.

I think the society is too harsh on women.

What if it was the other way round me neglecting my kids and not supporting them?

“I would be judged harshly,” Maureen cried out.

She further rubbished rumours that Frankie’s family want her to vacate the house after she denied the celebrity fitness trainer a chance to see his kids.

I have not barred him [Frankie] from seeing his kids.

My lawyer contacted him through a letter for a round table mediation to come up with a structure and order on how to raise the kids but he made it very clear he has no obligation to respond to that,” she added.


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