Sunday September 27, 2020 – Deputy President William Ruto’s campaign team has denied taking over the control of the President’s campaign machinery by force ahead of 2022.

This is after suspicious activities were reported on the Team Uhuru Facebook page on Thursday, prompting the attention of its national coordinator Isaac Ngugi to explain what had happened. 

According to Ngugi, the team’s Facebook account was hacked by unscrupulous hijackers who were ostensibly working for Deputy President William Ruto.

The hijackers claimed that they were the legitimate owners of the page and that they were at liberty to direct its activities.

“Team Uhuru is a legal entity.”

“The activities of Team Uhuru are designed and driven by hustlers.”

“We are a movement, where every hustler is a team lead.”

“We do not have titles and big bosses, we are all masters of our dreams and possibilities,” the group fired back. 

Political commentator and digital strategist, Victor Gichohi, stated that the group’s activities were unprofessional, and asked the team to hand back control of the platform. 

“If I’m handling social media work for an organisation, and then move to join its rival company, the best thing to do is to relinquish control before leaving,” he stated. 

The group which supports DP William Ruto went on to stream a press conference by MPs who attacked the Government over what they claimed was a plot to rig the 2022 General Elections using the data collected in the Huduma Namba exercise. 

Team Uhuru, which was formed by President Kenyatta’s Personal Secretary, Jomo Gecaga, to manage his campaign in 2013 and 2017 is alleged to have lost control of its Facebook platform which has over 96,000 followers.


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