Saturday, 12 September 2020 – Aoko Otieno has once again come to the defence of the male fraternity, following frequent complaints about how men have been swindled money by cunning slay queens after sending them fare, expecting that they will turn up.

While speaking on NTV’s Wicked Edition show hosted by Dr King’ori, Aoko, who speaks without fear or favour, said that any lady who receives fare from a man and fails to turn up is a thief.

‘Women who eat men’s fare are thieves in their own way and they are not different from the corrupt politicians’ she said.

Aoko said that fare is sent for a purpose and when a lady fails to turn up without a logical reason, she should be branded a thief.

Listen to Aoko Otieno spitting wisdom on NTV during a face-off with toxic feminist Anitta Raey.


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