Friday, 25 September 2020 – Jowie and his wife, Ella, have raised eyebrows after they unfollowed each other and deleted all the photos and videos that they had taken together.

The special family moments that they had caught on camera were deleted on their respective Instagram handles, leaving fans in confusion.

Ella further hinted that all is not well through her Instagram stories by posting a cryptic message.

The 27 year old mother of one, who claims that she met Jowie through divine intervention, posted a message saying,

Some things are better left unsaid which I generally realize after I have said them.

And on Thursday evening, Ella, just like a typical jilted lady, went on a ranting spree and warned that her salvation should not be mistaken for stupidity.

She further warned that anyone who messes with her expecting that she will behave like Jesus is in for a rude shock.

‘Don’t mistake my salvation for stupidity. I’m not Jesus, I am only growing to be like Him. I am human like you too’ she wrote.

Here’s a screenshot of her latest post on Instagram indicating that all is not well.


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