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Friday, September 4, 2020 – Hot 96 FM presenter and renowned feminist, Annitah Rey, claims that money is a key factor in marriages and relationships.

While speaking during a morning show on Citizen TV, the popular radio presenter who is known for her controversial remarks, said that broke men don’t deserve to get married or date.

Annitah advised men to take a break from marriage or relationships if they are broke and start approaching women once they have become financially stable.

‘Don’t disturb women if you don’t have money, kama hauna pesa, achana na watoto wa watu,’ the toxic feminist said.

Watch video.


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  1. Sijaona mwanamke mjinga kama huyu na yeye mwenyewe ana Sura mbaya kama viazi za gikomba hata yeye mwenyewe hajielewi wala kama ataolewa bure kabisa kumbafu ya mwanamke hata hao wanaume ni watoto wa wenyewe this lady talks like she is in toilet a shit hole lady.

  2. She did not abuse anyone she only talked on the behalf of ladies.. You are not being fair abusing her it’s the truth African men used to be rich either by not only by cash but either cattle or. Land’s to get a woman. Unlike this day’s men’s are very lazy they want beautiful women’s high class women but they are not capable of taking care of them neither can they afford their life standards instead they want women’s to fund them… I don’t see anything wrong by this post she has helped men by telling them the truth they need to know and upgrade.. Love her or hate her she has said it and that is period!. Only men who are lazy and they always want free women’s will be mad at her.. But for real gentlemen will pull up their socks instead. This man sounds arrogant I respectable I pity his wife..cyber bullying men. I have forgiven you but I hope Annitah forgives you too.

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