Friday, 11 September 2020 – Details of how notorious city fraudster, Chris Obure, swindled Kevin Omwenga Ksh 100 million before he conspired with his bodyguard to kill him have emerged.

According to reports, Omwenga had disagreed with Chris Obure before he was reportedly shot dead by his bodyguard.

Omwenga is said to have sealed a deal worth Ksh 100 Million with Obure, but he refused to give him his cut.

Omwenga, who was introduced into the lucrative fraud business last year, wanted his share of Ksh 60 million but instead of Obure giving him his cut, he bought him two top of the range vehicles, a Porsche worth 8 Million and a Range Rover worth 12 million.

He also paid for him rent at a lavish apartment in Kilimani for 1 year.

‘Omwenga wanted his share, which was about Sh60 million, but he got two cars worth Sh20 million instead, a full year of house rent and a yard to open his business for selling cars,’ an officer involved in the investigations revealed.

Investigations show that although Obure denied having any relationship with Omwenga, they knew each other well.


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