Tuesday September 15, 2020 – The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), George Kinoti, has dismissed claims by Kakamega County Senator, Cleophas Malala, that his officers have been trailing him.

On Monday, Malala who cried like a baby at the Senate revealed that 5 DCI officers were planning to assassinate him for opposing the new revenue sharing formula.

However, appearing before the Senate committee the same day, Kinoti said that they are ready to carry out an ID parade to identify men who are allegedly trying to kill Malala.

“The Senator sent me a picture of five men who purportedly want to kill him.”

“If they exist.. We are ready to do an ID parade,” Kinoti said.

“.. Let this matter be subjected to independent investigations.”

“We are ready to submit ourselves and accord any assistance to these investigations because we are the accused,” Kinoti added.

Kinoti further said that he was utterly shocked by the allegations leveled against his office by Malala.

“Why would be allocate all those resources to assassinate you for a Covid-19 offence.”

“It does not make any sense at all,” he maintained.


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