Wednesday September 9, 2020 – Education CS George Magoha has shifted goal posts once again on early reopening of schools.

While assessing the preparedness of Pwani University, Magoha, who had earlier stated that schools could reopen as early as September, maintained that the Government’s position on the dates remains January 2021 and not September.

“That position has not changed.”

“However, we may relook at the reopening dates depending on how the virus behaves,” he stated.

He blamed the media for misreporting his words on the reopening of schools stating that shifting dates made him appear indecisive.

“The media has made me look like someone who did not go to school.”

“They have made me look like a person who flip-flops; someone who says this today, and says that tomorrow,” Magoha told journalists.

At the same time, he revealed that the Government had set aside Ksh1.9 billion for the making of new desks which will facilitate social distancing once formal learning resumes.

“I have instructed all the 47 County Commissioners to come to Nairobi and take a design of the prototype back to their respective Counties so that the desk designs can be replicated at the sub-county level,” he conveyed.


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