Tuesday, September 29, 2020 – Comedian turned radio presenter, Jackie Nyamide alias Wilbroda, is single and ready to mingle.

The mother of one says that she has been single since parting ways with her baby daddy.

In an interview with Joyce Gituro on YouTube, Wilbroda said she is yet to find a man who ticks all her boxes.

As you grow older, the things you look for or hope for in a man shift because back then what would attract me in a man is not what attracts me anymore.” 

“A lot of people will say Jacky that guy is hot, that guy is loaded, but for me, it’s not that which I’m looking for,” said Wilbroda.

She went on to state that being a mother to a son, she is also looking for someone who can be a role model to her son, among other qualities.

There’s that X factor. I want to be able to sit with this guy and have intelligent conversations, I want someone who will build me. 

“Also, because I’m a mother, I want someone who will mentor my son and those are the things you look at especially when you are a mother,” she added.


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