Thursday, September 24, 2020 – Comedian turned radio presenter, Jackie Nyamide alias Wilbroda, has opened up about being in a toxic marriage.

In an interview with Joyce Gituro on YouTube, the mother of one stated that her marriage was short-lived because the man of her dreams turned into her worst nightmare.

She went on to narrate how the guy, whose identity she has never revealed, kicked her out after she got home from work at 4 am.

When asked about her marriage she said: 

My former relationship was good but there were ups and downs but the reason I said I could not go on is that I had gotten to a place I started feeling that my life would one day be in danger,” 

“There were red signs like ‘siku moja ntafanya kitu kwa hii nyumba’. 

“There was a lot of shouting. Somethings we could sit and discuss but yeye nikushout.” 

“I saw it from when we started dating.”

“I would see even how he would address the soldier at the gate.”

Wilbroda, who came to the limelight via her role in the Papa Shirandula show that used to air on Citizen TV, disclosed that she could have left early enough but she fell pregnant immediately after moving in with him and she wanted time to settle down.

“I thank god for it because the kid gives me joy.”

“I wanted to settle and that is why I held on.”

“There were so many incidences that made me feel bad about how he carried himself.”

“I would ask him why he abuses people.”

‘Well, when I finally made the decision to move out, he wanted me to leave and kept on asking me when I was leaving.”

“What happened is that I got home from work at 4:00 am and he told me to pack my things and leave now.” 

“He told me to leave without the baby but my baby was too little.”


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