Monday, 14 September 2020 – Seaosoned flesh peddler, Huddah Njoroge, who is commonly known as Huddah Monroe, has revealed that she is making a killing through her Only Fans Channel.

Huddah started the channel a few months ago to survive after corona virus interrupted her lucrative business of peddling flesh across the globe.

She posts thirst traps on the premium channel and sex starved men are subscribing in their thousands.

According to Huddah, she has made over Ksh 5 million through the private channel.

Huddah posted a screenshot of Ksh 700,000 that is left in her account after withdrawing Ksh 4.5 Million.

‘Don’t be embarrassed with your hustle. When you are broke, very few people will come to your rescue,’ she wrote.


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