Friday, September 11, 2020 – Citizen TV news anchor, Yvonne Okwara, has blasted Kenyans for defending mothers selectively in the wake of Oscar Sudi’s Mama Ngina slur.

The vocal MP has been on the receiving end over his remarks that were deemed to be insulting towards the former First Lady and President Uhuru’s mother.

On Thursday, Uhururesponded to the attack on his mother during an address in Ruaka and told those insulting his mother to ‘go insult their mothers’

“These fools who are going around throwing insults, tell them to go insult their mothers and leave mine alone. We have to work on the unity and peace of the country. I will not allow myself to speak in anger as I just want Kenyans to stay together in peace.

“The country will stay forever but we as people will one day not exist.”Uhuru said.

However, during her Thursday night segment on Citizen TV, Yvonne pointed out how this saga has highlighted the hypocrisy among Kenyans.

She said: “how i wish we were this outraged when a disabled mother who brews illicit liquor to feed her children was beaten and further humiliated with brew poured on her head by a village chief in Uasin Gishu.”

“Where was this noise and planned demonstrations when we learnt that a mother was forced to boil stones for her children?”

“Did we hear the widespread condemnation when mothers were forced to sleep in the cold during a pandemic in the state-sanctioned Kariobangi evictions halted by the courts?”


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