Tuesday September 8, 2020 – President Uhuru Kenyatta’s controversial revenue sharing formula may pass through the Senate very soon after Kakamega Senator, Cleophas Malala, who was pushing against it alongside allies of Deputy President Willia Ruto, abandoned the push.

Malala visited ODM leader, Raila Odinga’s Capitol Hill offices after the former Prime Minister publicly attacked him over his stand on the Counties Revenue Allocation formula.

Raila vowed on Sunday that he will destroy Malala’s political career after he questioned his voting record on the revenue sharing formula.

“If you are elected as an MP or a Senator, you are supposed to represent the people, the formula has been tabled in the Senate, but you say you do not want to deny funds to people from other counties, are you really elected by the people of Kakamega?”

“If you see a Senator that is having their county getting more funds but is rejecting the formula, it’s not that they love the other counties more? There is trouble, there is a question mark,” Raila opined amid cheers from the crowd.

Malala appeared to change his hard line stance which opposed any formula that will see the populous Mt Kenya counties gain money at the expense of the historically marginalized counties.

“Pleased to have held discussions with the Rt Hon.Raila Odinga on the impasse facing the division of revenue bill in the Senate.”

“We resolved to find a win-win formula favoring all the counties in order to keep the tranquility of our country intact.

“I assured the former Prime Minister of my continued abidance (sic) to teamwork as we negotiate these issues alongside my colleagues in the Senate,” Malala said of the visit.

The Senate is today (Tuesday) expected to resume debate on the formula after taking a two week break that saw a 12-member special committee unsuccessfully attempt to resolve the impasse.


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