Wednesday, 16 September 2020 – A fight broke out recently among Legio Maria faithful in Migori County, leaving 5 dead and scores injured.

The fight broke out after two groups of faithfuls engaged in a supremacy battle over the control of Got Kwer shrine, a 100 acre shrine, which has been in dispute for years.

The ugly fight that looked like a scene from a Hollywood action movie was reportedly fuelled by church elders, who are engaging in a supremacy battle.

The Kenyan DAILY POST understands that the injudicious faithfuls worship a fellow human being.

He is referred as ‘Black Messiah’ and has other names like Enure, Santa Maria, Laurida, Hosea, Ondetto, Messiah, Ohulo, manuel ka manuel, Lord, God…

He died 27 years ago but he is still worshipped.

The faithful believe that he will one day resurrect.

See his photos.


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