Friday, September 18, 2020 – A Kenyan man living in the United States has announced that he will vie for California Governor’s seat in the upcoming US elections.

California is the biggest economy in the US.

If the State was sovereign, it would be the world’s 5th largest economy, behind Germany and ahead of India.

Hollywood, the home of glitz, glamour and glory is in California.

Silicon Valley with all the techie giants like Apple, Google and Facebook is in there too.

You can’t sit in a cafe in say Los Angeles without bumping into a computer whizz kid, a drop-dead gorgeous silver screen icon or a Silicon Valley billionaire.

Joe M Symmon, who was born in Mathioya, Muranga County, but went to the US in the 1980s, is determined to be the Governor of California.

His approach is sweeping across the Golden State like a wildfire.

Joe has also authored his autobiography ‘Dare to Dream’.

In the 2010 California gubernatorial elections, he participated in the primaries and garnered over 50,000 votes.


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