Thursday September 17, 2020 – The matter regarding the death of former Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Snr has finally been brought to a logical conclusion.

This is after an inquiry ruled out foul play stating that the late legislator was not killed as had earlier been alleged.

Senior Resident Magistrate B.B Bartoo stated that there was no evidence of a cover up as independent Pathologist, Dr. Ian Calder, from the UK did not testify or send a report alluding to the alleged interference with samples from Mutula’s body.

“There is no evidence pointing to any person having a hand in the death of the late Hon. Mutula Kilonzo,” the court ruled.

Mutula’s family, led by his son, Mutula Kilonzo Junior, had claimed that there was interference with samples taken from his father’s body for toxicology analysis, alleging foul play.

Mutula was found dead in his bed by his workers with the Government later revealing that he died of massive bleeding caused by high blood pressure.


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