Tuesday August 4, 2020 – KANU leader, Gideon Moi’s Rift Valley network is in jeopardy after Cherang’any MP, Joshua Kutuny, accused him of not having the best interests of the people of Rift Valley at heart.

Speaking yesterday, Kutuny said that he thought Gideon is better than the DP but he has turned out to be a wolf in a sheep’s skin.

“Gideon is now an enemy of the people of Rift Valley.”

“He is identifying civil servants especially CEOs and managing directors from the region then engineering their sacking on the basis that they are allied to DP,” he stated.

The genesis of the falling out between Kutuny and Gideon was when changes were made at the Kenya Rural Roads Authority.

Both had agreed that Luka Kimeli, the former KURA Managing Director and a Cherang’any constituent, be confirmed as the substantive Director General.

However, Gideon, according to Kutuny, went against the deal which had been endorsed by the President and instead influenced the appointment of Philemon Kandie to the post.

Kutuny also accused Moi of engineering changes at the Kenya Power board which saw, among others, former Nandi Woman Representative, Zipporah Kering, sacked.


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