Sunday August 9, 2020 – Interior CSi Fred Matiang’i, has revealed the progress of Huduma Namba programme since the initial May 2019 countrywide registration.

While talking to Kenyans during an interview, Matiang’i explained that Huduma Namba was in its synchronization stage where an individual’s data was being collated into one file. 

He noted that an individual’s information in its entirety including the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) number and their Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be contained in this one number. 

“The registration was the first step, then the synchronization of the data sets before we give you that one number.”

“We make sure that every person has got a file that is complete.”

“Your NHIF details are there, your pin details are there, then we give you the number.”

“That exercise is what is going on and we are at the tail end of it and everybody will get a Huduma Namba.”

“With the Huduma Card, you don’t need an ID Card,” he explained.

However, a representative from the Interior Ministry disclosed that the service had been hampered by the fast spreading Covid-19 pandemic.

Previously, reports had been rife that the Huduma Cards will be issued in May 2020 but the pandemic hit in March derailing these plans.


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