Tuesday August 25, 2020 – Murder suspects, Chris Obure and Robert Bodo, have hired a renowned Kenyan lawyer to represent them in the murder case facing them.

Obure and Bodo are said to have been involved in the murder of 28 year old conman Kelvin Omwenga at Galana Suites on Saturday night.

Obure and Bodo are in police custody and are represented by PLO Lumumba.

Bodo has already admitted to shooting Omwenga, though he told detectives that it was an accident that happened as the two men fought over a gun in the bedroom.

The gun, a Ceska pistol, is registered to Mr Obure who is a licensed gun holder.

The two suspects appeared before Kibra Law Courts on Monday where the prosecution asked to be allowed to detain them for 14 more days to conclude investigations.

However, PLO Lumumba, arguing for the suspects, opposed the application to detain his clients saying all the crucial evidence including CCTV footage and the firearm are already in police custody.

He also revealed that his clients had complied with the investigation team and had presented themselves to Kilimani Police Station.

“It is the right of an arrested person to be released on bond or bail,” Prof Lumumba told the court.

The magistrate will rule today on whether to allow the police to hold the suspects for 14 days or release them on bail.


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