Thursday, 06 August 2020 – Social media sensation, Zack Opondo, who thrust to the limelight after he challenged ladies to flaunt their cleavage on his facebook page through a challenge dubbed, ‘Cleavage Challenge’, a challenge that attracted hundreds of ladies who participated to grab the Sh 20,000 he had offered, is at it again.

This time round, the lakeside social media sensation, was embarrassed badly after a video of him being chased away by a lady sponsor who had housed him leaked.

The single mother, who is identified as Emma Odhuno, kicked him out of her house like a rat after a disagreement.

On social media, Zack pretends that he lives a flashy life but he depends on women, especially sex starved single mothers, for survival.

In the video, Zack is seen being kicked out like a rat from the woman’s house as a guard who mans the apartment watches closely.

He was ordered by the lady sponsor to pack and go.

After the video leaked online, Opondo defended himself saying that the lady over-reacted after he caught her red handed being chewed by another man, after coming back from a business trip in Mombasa unannounced.

The disappointed Opondo said he pounced on the guy, a man he described as a short man, and beat him senselessly before a security guard intervened.

He promised his followers that he will share a video showing how he caught his lady sponsor having sex with the guy, because he recorded it.

Meanwhile, this is how Zack Opondo was kicked out and humiliated like a toddler by the single mother who had housed him.


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