Sunday, August 2, 2020 – Female university students have to deal with twice as much as their male counterparts in their pursuit of higher education in Kenya.

Randy lecturers are known to prey on the young impressionable female students by dangling the good grades carrot.

These shameless lecturers have a wide range of tactics they use to lure female students to their sexual advances.

What may seem as a simple case of a missing mark may turn out to be a well calculated plan by the lecturer to get into the pants of the female students.

When the affected student tries to follow up on the missing mark(s), she is met by the lecturer’s demand for sex in exchange for a grade.

Out of desperation, some students give in to the lecturers’ demands knowing that if they stand their ground, they could take longer to graduate due to the missing marks.

It turns out, Dr. Ken Ouko, the renowned sociologist and revered UoN don who just succumbed to Covid-19, was not such an honorable man.

While the world of academia has paid glowing tribute to Dr. Ouko, it turns out he was also a randy man who preyed on female students.

These revelations have been made by a veteran academician and lecturer while responding to calls by popular Communications coach, Paul Achar, to end this uncouth behavior.

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