Monday August 19, 2020 – Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President, Nelson Havi, has revealed how he was intimidated by police officers when he went to represent Bomet Senator, Christopher Langat, who was arrested by police on Monday.

Speaking on Wednesday, Havi said that the incident happened on Monday at Nairobi Police Station where the lawmaker was held before he was taken to Bomet County to answer to trumped up charges.

“I was held at gunpoint by a police officer.”

“He wanted me to drop off at Embakasi or to alight from the Senator’s vehicle and board another one as they were travelling to Nairobi.”

“I declined to disembark,” Havi stated.

He added that they ended up travelling all the way to Bomet where Langat was accused of administering an oath to 200 Kipsigis men on Wednesday, August 12th.

Police also alleged that the former Moi University lecturer had instructed Kipsigis men to raid a neighbouring community.


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