Friday August 21, 2020 – US President Donald Trump, through his Ambassador to Kenya, Kyle McCarter, has demanded accountability from Health CS Mutahi Kagwe over the embezzlement of Covid-19 funds or else he withdraws all funding to Kenya.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Global Fund have threatened to withdraw over Ksh 400 billion offered to Kenya as aid, after a scathing report revealed that cartels at Afya House were swindling funds aimed at tackling the pandemic.

The two donors wrote to the Government saying that they will withdraw funds set out to support malaria, tuberculosis (TB) and HIV/Aids for the next three years.

KEMSA has been on the spotlight for inflating prices for the purchase of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) and testing kits. 

Aid from philanthropist and Chinese billionaire, Jack Ma, was also reportedly stolen and sold back to the Government at higher prices, as cartels ripped off millions. 

“They are stealing Kenyan lives through the PPEs scandal and there needs to be a huge outrage on this scandal,” McCarter had warned. 

KEMSA is also facing a loss of Ksh 2 billion shillings if it decides to dispose of fake PPEs and Covid-19 supplies. 

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe decried the frustration he was receiving from cartels, who are hell-bent on defying every order he issues on the fight against corruption and transfers within his docket. 

The CS, however, defended the Ministry from the Covid-19 scandal, arguing that he was allocated Ksh 23.4 billion only, which he distributed accordingly.

He also stated that some KEMSA officials were suspended with investigations into illegal procurement underway. 


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