Monday, August 3, 2020 – These reckless and stupid BMW drivers nearly caused a freak accident while racing along Mombasa Road.

The shocking incident was caught by a helmet cam of a biker who was nearly ran over by one of the racing cars.

From the footage, the two BMWs, one black and another one grey are seen racing dangerously on either side of the road before veering off the road and landing in a thicket.

The two cars sustained serious damages but fortunately, the occupants escaped unscathed.

Shockingly, one of the idiots had the audacity to step out of the car with a bottle of alcohol oblivious of what had just happened.

While sharing the video on twitter, the bike by the name Faith Kanja wrote:

“Just grateful to have escaped their idiocy and recklessness. It was a close shave for me! We are glad no harm was caused on other road users.

“Those fools are lucky to be alive too!”

Watch the video below.

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