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Wednesday August 19, 2020 – Kenyans are up in arms demanding answers from President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Government about the jobs he promised to deliver to them.

This comes even as Covid19 has worsened an already dire situation about joblessness in Kenya.

Many are now being fired left, right and center because companies can no longer sustain them due to reduced business opportunities brought about by Coronavirus.

“…We regret to inform you that your employment contract is terminated henceforth on account of redundancy…”

This exact bland statement has been replicated across thousands of samples available on the internet for any company looking for a quick template with which to relieve its workers from the payroll.

Yet, the simple statement, whether printed out on a single A4 paper, email or as we have come to see, on WhatsApp, is earth-shattering.

This was the turn of fate that befell Munene Wachira. At 52, the company he had dedicated 15 years to, sent him home along with 400 members of its permanent staff.

Wachira, a father of five children, lost all the benefits that had come with the job in one swoop. As the IT manager at the now-defunct company, Wachira was provided with housing and his utilities including electricity and water were covered – for many, that is the dream employer.

Pushed to live by his wits, Wachira was forced to confront the uncertainties of those who lived without the safety net of a paycheck.

As his savings dwindled away at alarming speeds, he was thrust into a panic wondering if he would be able keep his kids in school.

That was in 2017.

Since then many Kenyans have found themselves in Wachira’s painful predicament, thrust through a few sentences into the uncertainties that joblessness brings.

There may be comfort in numbers, but in this case, those affected gain little in learning that they are collateral damage in a system that is steadily breaking down.

Figures from 2019 alone paint a harrowing picture of thousands left floundering in a sea of capsizing vessels.

With nearly 10 nationally known companies announcing retrenchment, many Kenyans found themselves dangling after their foothold was kicked out from under them.


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