Monday, August 3, 2020 – Francis Ngángá, a former employee of the Ngirici Resuce Team, an organization owned by Kirinyaga Women Rep Purity Ngirici and her husband, Andrew Ngirici, is still missing after his mysterious disappearance in 2018.

Francis, who was very close to the Women Rep and her husband, had threatened to expose how the rich and influential family from Kirinyaga engages in dirty deals after a disagreement.

He was planning to expose how the Ngirici family runs a drug trafficking network and then uses the Ngirici Rescue Team as a cover up.

He was also to expose how the Women Rep lures young girls that have freshly graduated from High School with plum jobs in Nairobi, only for them to be recruited into prostitution.

They are later threatened with death if they ever disclose about the dirty deals that the influential family engages in.

Francis was also planning to leak sensitive information of how the Ngirici family has been engaging in human trafficking by flying young girls to Mexico for money against their wish.

The girls reportedly end up in the hands of rich Mexican drugs lords, where they are used as sex objects.

The cartel couple has also been swindling foreigners who visit their office at Warwick Centre in Gigiri by promising them work and business permits using their connection and influence in Government.

Francis went missing in 2018 and his family has searched him for two years without success.

Before Francis disappeared, he had complained that the Ngirici family was threatening him.

See his photos.


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