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Wednesday August 12, 2020 – Interior Principal Secretary, Karanja Kibicho, has responded to Deputy President William Ruto’s claims that there exists a deep state that has threatened to rig him out in 2022.

In an interview with a local FM station on Wednesday, Kibicho denied the existence of a deep state saying the Government of Kenya was structured in a transparent manner where all Government officials have clear cut functions.

The powerful CS said the talk of a deep state was the talk of failed leaders who are quick to apportion blame to a non-existent entity whenever they are.

“There is no deep state as we have been told that we know about.”

“The Government is structured in a manner that everybody can see.”

“There are measures where people can interrogate that which they see as not being clear.

“When I was young, we would say even Satan has work because failures will claim it is Satan frustrating them.”

“When people fail in obvious responsibilities and are unable to explain their failure to the public, it becomes very easy to talk about the deep state and claim that is why you are not working.”

“It’s outrageous,” Kibicho said.

On Tuesday, Ruto claimed that the so called deep state is planning to rig his victory in 2022 and warned them of dire consequences should they try to rig him.


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