Sunday, 23 August 2020 – Some time back, a Congolese man identified as Patrick Ponce, was the talk of town after he was involved in an extra-marital affair with Senator Wetangula’s Kikuyu wife, Ann Waceke.

Ponce used his bedroom prowess to woo the Senator’s wife and conned her millions of shillings.

Wetangula’s wife sued him after he defrauded her a lot of money by pretending that he was in a position to help her set up a business in Canada.

The case was dropped after Mrs Wetangula failed to appear in court to testify.

After the case was droppped, the Congolese ‘play boy’ left the country for  Canada, where he is currently based.

The man is eating life with a big spoon and still chewing multiple women.

He took to his Instagram page and flaunted a sleek Range Rover which he claims to have bought.

See photos and video.


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