Monday August 31, 2020 – Former Nairobi Speaker, Beatrice Elachi, has observed that Governor Mike Sonko could be going mad with his paranoia.

Speaking during a media interview, Elachi noted that Sonko is so paranoid that he fears he could be killed any time by the so-called deep state and the system.

She recounted an incident in which Sonko had gone to State House to meet President Uhuru Kenyatta and demanded to be given a different microphone from the other speakers.

She explained that Sonko always fears being poisoned and will not take a meal without demanding special proof.

Otherwise, Elachi pointed out that there was no bad blood between her and the Governor advising him to tone down what she described as his boastful tendencies.

Elachi praised Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS) boss, Mohammed Badi, for carrying out his mandate quietly as opposed to Sonko who she claimed invited cameras in all his undertakings.

“Badi doesn’t need to come on TV to say what he has done.”

“People will be asking him, we have seen Michuki Park.”

“We have seen the roads.”

“We have seen the sideways and he will explain.”

“The actions speak louder,” she stated.

On her resignation, she explained that she did it early morning to signify that she was resolute in her decision and explained that she had not been offered another post.

She noted that she was now concentrating on her other ventures including farming.


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