Thursday August 27, 2020 – Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko can now breathe easy after mending fences with President Uhuru Kenyatta and Nairobi Metropolitan Service boss, Mohamed Badi.

This is after the court ruled that he is free to make a plea bargain with the Director of Public Prosecutions, Noordin Haji.

Chief Magistrate Douglas Ogoti made the ruling on Wednesday after Sonko’s lead lawyer, Cecil Miller, argued in court that there had been a witness reduction and raised issues of legibility of statements.

“The accused persons are free to plea bargain with the DPP and report on the progress to the trial court,” ruled Ogoti.

The Judge also directed that the case will proceed on a daily basis under Senior Principal Magistrate Kagure Nyutu.

He further noted that no lawyer will be allowed to withdraw on a date that the case is scheduled to take place.

Ogoti also made it clear that the DPP, in case of the introduction of a new witness, the notice will be made, both to the court as well as to the defence, three days prior to the hearing.

Sonko is facing charges related to the misappropriation of Ksh357 million from the County, charges that saw him barred from accessing his office. 

A plea bargain is a process that allows the accused to enter into an agreement or plead guilty in exchange for some concessions by the prosecution.

This may mean that the defendant will plead guilty to a less serious charge, or to one of the several charges, in return for the dismissal of other charges.

The suspect may also plead guilty for the main charge in exchange for a lenient sentence.


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