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Tuesday, August 4, 2020 – Three young men in Mombasa have shocked the world after they deliberately exposed themselves to Covid-19 in a bid to build their immunity.

One of the crazy or brave guys, depending on how you look at it, identified simply as William, made the revelations on Tuesday morning during a phone-in conversation with Spice FM.

“We felt that if you expose yourself to Covid you have better chances of improving the antibodies in your blood plasma to prevent yourself from getting re-infected or getting the worst form of it when you are infected,” the gentleman said.

“And we thought why don’t we expose ourselves to it, deal with it, improve our antibodies in our blood and be on the other side, where you have gone through it and dealt with it,” he narrated.

William disclosed that they underwent a medical check on July 7th, to ensure they had no underlying conditions before contracting the virus from a friend’s relative who had already tested positive and was under home care isolation.

“We had so many discussions before we took that step. We are 32 years old, we are healthy and active in sports.” 

“We also wanted to take the responsibility to ensure that we are doing this safely so we put our resources together to ensure we self-isolate ourselves away from everyone else,” he said.

“One of my friends, the relative was at home with Covid-19 and was going through the home therapy and we exposed ourselves to him,” he said.

The three friends tested positive at the same time 18 days ago and they are doing fine.

However, according to Dr Moses Masika, a virologist from the University of Nairobi, what the three gentlemen did is akin to gambling with their lives.

“I think William is a good gambler, the kind that will take the multi-bet because knowing what we know about the virus, it’s something I wouldn’t do although I am naturally very curious as a researcher,” Dr Masika said.

“However, I understand where he is coming from because we have heard that maybe when you are infected and you heal and survive, you won’t be infected again but we do not know that yet about Covid-19,” he said.

So far, Kenya has recorded 22,597 cases and 382 deaths.


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