Friday, 21 August 2020 – A notorious Caucasian man has caused chaos on various social platforms after he posted photos of some of the Kenyan ladies that he has slept with.

The randy man, who is identified as Mike Oliver, lures cheap Kenyan ladies with his skin colour and little money and they spread legs to him in all angles.

Mike Oliver is said to be based at the Coast where he is doing sex tourism.

The Kenyan DAILY POST is reliably informed that the randy man is infected with the deadly HIV virus.

At the Coast, his randy behaviours are well known and slay queens from the Coast who hang around hotels and beaches looking for white men avoid him like plague, since they know he is infected.

According to reports, Mike has been going round other major towns across the country luring Kenyan ladies to bed and since Kenyan women easily fall for white men, he has been chewing them like sugarcane.

Here are some of the ladies that he has come into contact with and probably infected with the deadly virus.


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  1. Im not surprised with anything here. Infact I might go ahead and claim that Oliver is innocent because he didn’t rape nobody. It’s some cheap Kenyan women who when they see a white man………

  2. It’s not the Kenyan (African) women who are at fault here. It’s the Kenyan men who allow sexual predators to come to Africa in the first place. Anytime a man can’t protect the sanctity of his women and children, he is not a man, but a “COWARD!” I would sternly advise every Kenyan (African) man to pay a visit to his president’s office and beat the living shit out of him for not ordering the police to arrest every sexual predator that comes to Kenya (Africa).

    • @William Harvey “I would sternly advise every Kenyan (African) man to pay a visit to his president’s office and beat the living shit out of him”… after you William.

      Nigga please, no one is making these “bed wenches” open their legs, why don’t YOU take YOUR dumb-ass down to the airport, check passports and go stand guard for these whores.


  3. I’ve heard stories of Kenyan men telling their women to sleep with foreign men so they can pay the bills, Nigerian men also threaten poor Nigerian girls to force them to Italy so they can sell their bodies. Many African men have not built anything for their women and do not protect them and have the nerve to blame them for trying to pay their bills. You keep your women in poverty and still blame them for being taken advantage of by white men. This is a warning for black women in the West that we will be blamed when we are in the worst situations and have no where to turn so it’s imperative u work hard and marry a wealthy man because when u are poor and taken advantage of they blame u.

  4. I only see ONE remotely attractive woman. The rest looks below average to me. I am a fair skinned foreign male and I don’t find black women attractive.

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